Mission Objective

To build safer cities with real-time police-public partnership

Crimatrix is a community based real-time crime monitoring platform for Police and citizens of Guwahati to harness the power of mobile and web technologies to monitor and prevent crimes in the city.

We use multiple mobile and web apps to collect, analyze and share real-time crime data among police officers.

Relevant crime data and alerts that could be useful to citizens, like crime trends, hotspots and repeat offenders will be shared for public awareness and crime prevention.

Vehicle Theft SMS Reporting

Guwahati is one of the most targeted city by vehicle lifters

Considerable amount of time is lost from when the vehicle owner realizes the theft till a FIR is lodged and the information is transmitted to officers on field. By this time the stolen vehicle is already out of the city limits or perhaps the state border.

To minimize this time gap, you can now send an sms as soon as you realize the theft of your vehicle. The sms will immediately transmitted to all police officers on the field.

Note: FIR needs to be lodged to the nearest police station at the earliest.

Send SMS To


To Report

VT [Model],[RC NO.],[Color],[Location],[Last seen Time]

Example: VT Pulsar, AS01XXXX,Black,Maligaon,8:00PM
To Cancel Report (for police only)


To Report Recovery(for police only)



Hotel Guest List Submission

Crimatrix allows registered hotels and guest houses to submit their guest records in real-time

As per The Sarais Act , all hotels and guest houses are required to submit their guest lists to the nearest police station everyday. The Sarais Act, 1867 [view full Act]

Crimatrix now allows registered hotels and guest houses to submit the guest record in real-time from an internet connected computer instead of written reports. Crimatrix then cross checks the data immediately with available crime records and alerts the nearest police station if any match is found. Concerned officer will then alert the manager and provide further instructions. This helps in crime prevention and detection.

"The District Magistrate Kamrup (Metro) has instructed vide order dated 31st July 2013, that all hotels , guest houses and lodges shall submit their respective borders' lists online on Crimatrix.com." [view order]